Saturday, July 7, 2012

Neem Pencils Neem Pen Handmade Eco Friendly Herbal Wooden Pencil Handicraft Rich Art And Craft Jaipur Rajasthan India

Handcrafted pencils are 100% Eco-Friendly,  Anti-Bacterial,  Non-toxic and are made of neem twig available in North India These Pencils are individually made by hand, using Neem wood, which has been used in India since thousands of years for a variety of Medicinal purposes. These Pencils are Anti-bacterial, Non Toxic and 100 % Eco Friendly. Even today in rural and parts of urban India, Twigs of Neem Wood are used as a Toothbrush for its Anti-bacterial qualities and the leaves of Neem Trees are used to prepare ayurvedic and other medicines to cure High Sugar & Cholestrol related problems. The extracts of Neem Trees are also used to effectively cure Acne and other skin related problems.

Eco-friendly Handicraft Items The products which are made of environment friendly materials are Eco-Friendly products. Generally the eco-products do not harm the environment in any form. Eco-Friendly Handicraft Items are of made of jutes,  waste materials,  handmade paper products,  poly wood products,  fabric products,  handmade greeting cards,  recycled products etc. We are dealing in eco friendly paper products.. Paper bags, Paper Note Pad, Wine Bag, Dairy, Bahi, Desktop Accessories, Boxes Neem Pen and Neem Pencils.

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